Wait, Pray, Trust | Update on Andrea

After more than 600 hours of chemo infusion, 25 rounds of radiation, 10 nights in the hospital, 4 spinal chemo injections, 4 PET scans, 4 CT scans, 1 surgery, and countless other tests and trips to the cancer clinic, Andrea
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Andrea’s PET Scan Results

We just met with our doctor to see the results of Andrea’s PET scan. Here is what we know: First, it really is overwhelming to look back at that first PET scan that was done before Andrea started treatment and see
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Chemo Complete! | Update from Andrea

  I know it has been several weeks since I've written an update.  I apologize for that--knowing that many of you are praying so faithfully for me and are so kind to inquire of my progress.  This last month has been
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